Clatterbridge Cancer Research Carol Concert

Clatterbridge Cancer Research Carol Concert

A Carol Concert in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Research took place on the 4th December 2011 at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. The evening featured Christmas carols and festive readings with performances from two local choirs; Stanfield, Merchant Taylors’ Junior Girls’ School Choir and West Kirby Light Opera Society. It was an honour to perform at the event and I loved opening it with one of my favourite carols ‘Oh Holy Night’ by Adolphe Adam. 

It was a really special night to come together with people to whom Clatterbridge Cancer Research means so much and to celebrate the work they do.

  “Clatterbridge Cancer Research works to fund research to advance the understanding of cancer for the people of Merseyside and Cheshire. …our research laboratories based in Liverpool focus on how to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, as well as understanding how to provide the most effective on-going care for cancer patients.”

Over the past 31 years Clatterbridge Cancer Research has invested more than £20 million into cancer research - but they can’t continue to do this without support. Clatterbridge Cancer Research is an independent charity which receives no NHS funding and relies solely upon public donations to survive.

  “We need to raise in excess of £2 million every year to continue with our vital research – that is nearly £5,500 every day. Visit our donate page to find out how you can support us today, or find out about all the ways you can get involved in supported cancer research in your region.”


It was lovely to perform with Daniel Bishop - Associate Organist at the cathedral. I had performed on many previous occasions with Daniel at the Cathedral whilst at school at Liverpool College and to be back in the setting of the magnificent Liverpool Cathedral was a really special moment.

Interesting facts about the Liverpool cathedral

  • The Cathedral is the largest in the whole of the UK and the fifth largest in the world (I can’t begin to imagine how big the biggest is!) It's bells are the highest and have the heaviest peal in the world.
  • There are two pipe organs in Liverpool Cathedral - The Grand Organ is the largest in the UK and is considered to be one of the largest operational church organs in the world with 10,267 pipes.
  • The Cathedral is considered to have 2 out of 3 of the most powerful stops in the world. The Trompette Millitaire and the Tuba Magna on the Great Organ operate on 50” of wind pressure and are each as loud as an entire organ played on their own. The sound of the stops is aided by generous 8-9 second reverberation in the Cathedral.
  •  The setting was magical and what a magnificent space to sing in! I found another concert Christmas tree…and it was huge! (a 50ft. tree from Grizedale Forest in Cumbria!). They also had a huge wreath (weighing 25kg.) on the Great Western door of the Cathedral.

It was a pleasure to be involved in the evening and the people from Clatterbridge Cancer Research were lovely to work with and truly inspiring in their dedication to raising awareness and funds for their continued research for Cancer patients.

 A wonderful way to mark the start of the 2011 Christmas celebrations.  

Merry Christmas Everyone!


You can find out about the work of Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology here:

 "Clatterbridge your cancer centre’ raises funds to directly benefit the patients of Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology, the leading cancer treatment centre for people in Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire & the Isle of Man. They are dedicated to delivering excellence and always striving to improve what they do, creating a positive environment, providing vital research and the best possible care and support to around 26,000 patients each year and their families. They do this for their Centre in Wirral, their network of chemotherapy treatment clinics across the region, and their brand new radiotherapy centre in Liverpool."


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