Junior Royal Northern College of Music Open day

Junior Royal Northern College of Music Open day

Feb 12th 2022

It was a privilege to return to Junior Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester to meet vocal students and teach singing – and a joy to have been invited to join in singing with the student chamber choir; Close Harmony Vocals lead by Juan Ortuño for Open Day performances. We performed a beautiful piece called ‘The Road Home’ arr. by Stephen Paulus, and it really felt like the perfect piece to sing coming back home to Junior RNCM. (Track by Kings College Choir, Cambridge) 

It is 20 years (gulp) since I began attending Junior school on Saturdays (2002-04) as a student where I studied voice with Polly Beck.  I loved my time there, it gave me a unique opportunity at that time to immerse myself in music over the weekend, and to meet friends who felt the same enthusiasm about music and performing.  I’ll never forget the feeling of walking along the corridors at RNCM and hearing all of the sounds of different instruments coming from each practise room – and thinking  ‘this is where the magic happens!’ I met brilliant teachers, performers and great friends there – and gained my first invaluable experiences of performing public recitals, singing in ensembles, operas and gearing up for exams and auditions in preparation for ‘Big’ RNCM. 

I owe so much to Head of Junior RNCM Karen Humphreys and Deputy Head David Jones for all of their invaluable support and guidance over all of these years – and for the opportunity to experience the very special Junior RNCM atmosphere again this month – Although so many years have passed, and the magic of Junior RNCM is stronger than ever!

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