Brian Elias Focus Day Concerts at Wigmore Ha

Brian Elias Focus Day Concerts at Wigmore Ha

Concerts at Wigmore Hall on Saturday 24th April 2021 were dedicated to composer Brian Elias. I sang his unaccompanied ‘Green Glen Songs’ and ‘Three Songs (Christina Rossetti)’ for alto and harp with wonderful Olivia Jageurs in Part 2 of the Focus Day. It was great to work with Brian, he gave us generous support and insight into his work.

Meet Me in the Green Glen (2009) for solo voice

Meet Me In The Green Glen
Now Is Past
Love’s Pain


“The first of these songs for solo voice to poems by John Clare was written for the NMC Songbook, a CD collection of songs by a variety of British composers, which was released in April 2009. I wrote the remaining songs in March and April 2009, as I had always intended to make a group of songs to these poems.

The songs may be performed individually or as a set and by any voice. They may also be transposed as desired by the singer. When more than one song is performed the transposition should be by the same degree throughout. ” Brian Elias

Three Songs (Christina Rossetti) (2003) for alto and harp.

These three poems were written by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) several years apart, yet seem to express similar emotions and concerns. The first was written in 1853 when she was twenty-three, the second when she was in her late thirties and the third, written towards the end of her life, may be the last poem she ever wrote. 

I have wanted to write a work for voice and harp for some time and found the dark and secret world of these poems ideally suited to this sonority.” Brian Elias

Both concerts are available to watch online for 30 days.

“The programmes were curated by Elias himself and represented a retrospective of his smaller chamber oeuvre from early works written in the 70s’ and 80s’ to those written in the last two decades. Paired with Elias’ music were works by the three composers who have been a significant influence: his teacher and mentor Elisabeth Lutyens; Maurice Ravel, who Elias credits with teaching him ‘everything he knows’ about instrumentation; and Claude Debussy, a constant beacon of inspiration.”


Lots of incredible artists involved..
Olivia Jageurs harp
Rob Burton alto saxophone
Daniel Lebhardt piano
Gabriele Strata piano
Thomas Hancox flute
Jon Carnac clarinet
Adrian Spillett percussion
Castalian String Quartet
Sini Simonen violin
Daniel Roberts violin
Charlotte Bonneton viola
Christopher Graves cello
Thomas Kemp conductor

If you watch the concert, please consider donating to Wigmore Hall so that they can continue to support musicians and bring you music live from the Hall.

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