Michael Kennedy CBE, Opera Now
"She is a splendid actress...
Already this charismatic singer,
with her immaculate diction,
knows how to stir the heart,
and one hardly dares to predict what is to come.”
Richard Morrison, The Times, Wigmore Hall Song Recital
“It doesn’t take long (five notes maybe) to hear why people are excited.
Her mezzo-soprano voice already has tremendous reserves of power,
impeccable intonation, the capacity for a gloriously sustained legato and,
most interesting of all, a distinctive vocal quality.
The timbre has white-hot intensity that extends undiminished through all of two octaves”.

“For me the biggest news of the evening is
young Liverpudlian mezzo-soprano Kathryn Rudge...  
her cleanly produced tone, supple musical phrasing,
and sensitive colouring of words combine
with a vividly attractive stage personality
to make something special."

Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph
"She has everything required of an exciting young mezzo:
tone, technique and absolute conviction in a pair of trousers.”
Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

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