Le nozze di Figaro, Glyndebourne Tour 2012 Photographer credit: Bill Cooper

Photo Credit: Bill Cooper

Director Michael Grandage, Revival Director Ian Rutherford, Conductor Jonathan Cohen.

“The stand-out performance is Kathryn Rudge’s deeply felt, endearingly jittery Cherubino.”
***Financial Times, Hannah Nepil, Canterbury Marlowe Theatre, 21st November 2012.

“Cherubino’s hedonism was ferociously captured by Kathryn Rudge, who temporarily stole the show with her two arias”
Opera Magazine, 4th October 2012.

“Kathryn Rudge displays excellent talent, both for acting and singing, as the mischievous Cherubino.”
**** The Stage, William Hartson, 12th October 2012

“Kathryn Rudge …..a superb stage-stealing Cherubino (a woman playing a man who is later disguised as a woman!); ‘Non so più’ was ideally paced, without bluster and breathiness, deftly accompanied.”
Classical Source, Colin Anderson, 4th October 2012

“Two turns really stick out……… Kathryn Rudge’s Cherubino has a Norman Wisdom dumbness which is a different take on the lust-crazed male……….”
The London Evening Standard , Kieron Quirke, 7th November 2012

“Kathryn Rudge played the difficult role of Cherubino, doing well in the bit where she is a young man pretending to be a young woman.”
Mark Ronan, Theatre Reviews, 5th October 2012

“Kathryn Rudge brought us Cherubino and what an excellent job she did as the awkward and obsessed young man besotted by the Countess. She did the gender switches well.”
Maggie Constable, The Public Reviews, 27th November (Milton Keynes). The Public Reviews.

“Special mention must go to the pure-voiced Kathryn Rudge as Cherubino.”
Lichfield Live, Phil Preece, 7th December, Stoke-on-Trent

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