“The mezzo role of Erika was sung by Kathryn Rudge with her mellowest and most lustrous tone. She is a splendid actress and conveyed infallibly Erika’s pent-up feelings, her repressions and the release which comes to her emotionally with Anatol’s arrival, which nevertheless in its turn precipitates her misfortune. She was irresistible in ‘Must the Winter Come So Soon?’ – echt Barber, the Barber of the songs – and one wished it was not over within the first five minutes. Already this charismatic singer, with her immaculate diction, knows how to stir the heart, and one hardly dares to predict what is to come.

Michael Kennedy, Opera Now Magazine, May 2011


“Kathryn Rudge was an even greater mistress of the dramatic demands of the role…a considerable achievement having in mind the difficulties presented by the music and its distinct and difficult vocal line. She sang with strength, expression and dramatic intensity using her wide palette of vocal colour to the full. Importantly her acting contributed significantly to create a notable interpretation…I have no doubt Kathryn will make a successful career both on the stage as an accomplished singer actress and also in recital.

Robert J Farr, Music Web International, Seen & Heard Review, March 2011.


“Kathryn Rudge, vocally already polished and eloquent as the idealistic niece Erika.”

Geoff Brow, The Times, March 2011


“The story, though, is of pent-up emotion and desperate hidden sorrows, the kind of thing that Ibsen would have made a very good play of. It demands more of its lead roles than just singing the notes with accuracy, power and beauty (the decision to show the English lyrics on sur-title was a good one, as even the reduced orchestration used here gives the voices a mighty sound to overcome at times). This was where Kathryn Rudge (Erika) proved most accomplished. She has the ability to use her face as well as her voice, conveying an inner struggle which is more compelling than that of her aunt, despite the latter being the title role.

Robert Beale, City Life, Manchester, March 2011

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